Dual Plate Check Valve FIG.37
Dual Plate Check Valve Fig.37
  •  Double disk and seat design for optimum sealing
  •  Springs with elongated and curved supports that offer a longer life
  •  Minimal wear of the seat and disks
  •  Excellent work in various mounting orientations
  •  It has a low maintenance cost
  •  Its minimum weight and compact design, can reduce weight on the line
  •  Ideal for installation in vertical pipes
  •  It has an easy installation and removal.
  •  Eye bolt available between size Ø125 to Ø600 to facilitate the centering and
    assembly of the valve.

Pressure Classes:

  • PN 16


End Configurations:

  • Flanges dimensions and holes according to UNE-EN 1092-2 PN16.


Size Range:

  • Ø 40 to Ø600.


Field of Use:

  • Water treatment.
  • Industrial activity.
  • Naval activity, heating systems, cooling systems, others…
  • Maximum temperature 80 ºC.


  • BODY – EN-GJL-250 GG-25
  • DISC – AISI 304