Process Automation Solutions

Belfast Kokban is uniquely placed to provide world class process automation solutions using state of the art PLC, DCS, HMI, SCADA products from ABB, Siemens,Rockwell and GE. The Systems are tested & proven across industries in varies environments and applications. We can offer solutions to the customers using their preferred DCS/ PLC hardware. Team Belfast Kokban is specialized solution provider for various industries like Oil and gas, Petrochemical, Power, Chemical, Cement, Metals, Pharmaceutical, Water & Waste water Management.

All solutions deployed by Belfast Kokban for various industry applications are future proof as it is designed keeping the view the long term interest of our Customer. Highly Scalable design ensures that future modifications can be incorporated with ease and minimal commercial impact.

Substation Automation Solutions (SCADA systems, Substation Protection & Control Systems)

Belfast Kokban offers varied SCADA & RTU Solution using ABB products to meet our Customer’s application needs, from simple RTU’s to comprehensive substation automation systems. Solutions provided are designed to enable you to monitor, control and protect your substations in the most effective manner possible with the lowest operations and maintenance cost combined with minimum downtime. We have team of competent Engineers having in depth experience to work with all electrical protocols from IEC 61850, IEC 104/103/102/101-5-60870, IEC 1-8-61850, DNP 3.0 serial and TCP/IP, Modbus serial and TCP/IP.

Industrial Flame & Gas Detection Systems

Belfast Kokban offers complete line of rugged, reliable, fixed point and portable gas detectors from Honeywell Analytics to serve as your first line of defence against gas threats, The industrial line incorporates the full spectrum of Honeywell gas sensing technologies (electro chemical, catalytic bead, open path and point infrared) offering the safety manager a “one stop” solution for choosing a compatible gas detection system or integrated / fire gas system, Whether your need is to monitor gas hazards in a large area or several discrete locations from a convenient central site, Belfast Kokban has a solution for you,

Fire Alarm Systems

Belfast Kokban leverages the in house automation expertise to design and build fire detection system for clients in diverse industries, IT offices, Commercial establishments and shopping malls, The Solutions range from conventional detectors to the most advanced detectors using dual scattering (forward and backward) sensing principal from Honeywell. Belfast Kokban has wide range of Honeywell products that are suitable for specific customer requirements in term of detection principles, hazardous area requirements and safety budgets,

Building Management Systems

We offer BMS solutions using Honeywell product range with energy suite to control & monitor various systems installed in the building, Some of highlights of our offering:
• Computerized Maintenance management system (CMMS) with Email and SMS alerts,
• Complete automation and control monitoring of HVAC units which includes AC plant.
• Integration of systems such as : Chillers, Variable speed pumping system, VFD’s, Boiler, DG, Fire Alarm, Cold Storage, Energy Meters, UPS, ACB & MCCB, STP plants,
• Customised energy and water consumption reporting

Energy Management System

In present day world, the necessity of an Energy management system is like never before as proper Electrical energy quality, monitoring and utilization are some of leading factors which keeps you apart from other organization in the global race with respect to the expenditure on Energy. With a proper Energy management system in place, the management will be able to track power utilized by various services in the organization, able to identify ageing electrical assets, put necessary control/operative procedure for better utilization of energy and also get to know power quality standard in the organization.

Following are the services provided by us:
• Supply, installation and commissioning of Intelligent Energy Meters
• Design, Manufacture, supply & Installation of Power factor Correction Panels (Automatic Capacitor switching panels)
• Energy Monitoring and Data Acquisition systems
• Power quality studies
• Supply of Harmonic Filter Panels

Detailed Design & Engineering Services

Belfast Kokban offer Design & Detailed Engineering services for following:
• Data sheets for Instruments, Transmitters, Control Valve, MOVs.
• Instrument Index.
• Cable Schedule, JB Schedule & MTO workout.
• DCS/ PLC: Hardware Design, I/O database, System wiring Diagrams, I/O schedules, Electrical Power Distribution Drawings.

Electrical Automation (Drives, MCC Panels, Intelligent MCC's, Control & Relay Protection Panels)

Belfast Kokban with its strong electrical engineering background has vast experience in Electrical Automation field. We provide services such as Design,Engineering, Manufacturing and Commissioning of:
• Control & Relay Protection (CRP) Panels with SCADA.
• Generator Protection & Synchronization Panels
. • Motor Control Centres (MCC) & intelligent Motor Control Centres (iMCC) and Power Control Centre (PCC).
• LV, HV Panel .
• Motion control systems, (AC / DC Drive Systems, Servo Systems)
. • Soft Starters. .

Terminal Automation

Belfast Kokban offers following customised engineering solutions for various Terminal Automation requirements such as: • Skid based Metering Panels
• Tanker Loading Systems
• Batch Control Systems
• Supply of various instruments like Valves, Strainers, Flowmeters, Flow Computers etc. .

Emergency Shutdown Systems

Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD) are designed to minimize the consequences of emergency situations, related to typically uncontrolled flooding, escape of hydrocarbons, or outbreak of fire in hydrocarbon carrying areas or areas which may otherwise be hazardous.

ESD system consists of field-mounted sensors, valves and trip relays, system logic for processing of incoming signals, alarm and HMI units. The system is able to process input signals and activating outputs in accordance with the Cause & Effect charts defined for the installation.

With years of process control experience, Belfast Kokban has pioneered professionals who have exceled in ESD system design, programming and commissioning. We can provide SIL2/SIL3 ESD system using either ABB or Rockwell products based on Customer preference. System

Batch Control Systems

Belfast Kokban knows the importance of a well-designed batch system that improves quality, reduces downtime, and improves your bottom line Belfast Kokban has the capability of engineering Batch control systems for a variety of customers in the chemical manufacturing, air separations, food & beverage, consumer products and pharmaceutical industries. We provide both Batch control system based on PLC/ DCS built on guidelines of ISA S88 for large scale systems and with standalone dedicated controller for small to medium scale process batching systems including hazardous areas

Remote Data Logging and Acquisition Systems

In the era of wireless networking, Belfast Kokban understands the necessity of Remote data logging and acquisition systems. Whenever your point of interest is in remote location or faraway place where continuous human presence is not possible or not required or normal way of hard wired data logging / acquisition is not possible / not feasible, we opt in for remote data logging and acquisition systems.
Belfast Kokban provides complete range of solutions for Remote Data logging system based on GSM, GPRS, 3G and cloud based systems.Some of Remote Data Logging Solution from Belfast Kokban is as follows:
Solution from Belfast Kokban is as follows: (1) GPRS based low power Multi-channel analogue and digital data loggers.
(2) Cloud based Web interface for remote data viewing.
(3) Wireless Process and Flow Transmitters.

Multi language Technical Project Translation

Belfast Kokban has good strength of back office staffs which are professional and experienced in Multi language Translations. We provide translation service for Engineering documentations such as :
(1) Engineering Drawings
(2) Product Manuals
(3) Installation & Operation Manuals
(4) Engineering Manuals
(5) Commissioning Manual
We provide translation services in Hindi, Arabic, French,Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese & other leading world languages.