Electromagnetic Flow meter WATERFLUX 3070

The WATERFLUX 3070 is a battery powered electromagnetic water meter for use in water abstraction wells, district metering areas (DMA) and custody transfer measurement of potable water (MI-001, OIML R49). With optional pressure and temperature sensors, the meter can also be used for leak detection, quality control and pressure management systems. Unlike mechanical water meters, the WATERFLUX 3070 is maintenance-free and offers a much larger turn down ratio (1000:1). Its measuring tube with a rectangular and reduced cross-section enables a stable measurement even at low flow rates. Due to the optimized flow profile, the WATERFLUX 3070 can be installed virtually anywhere without straight inlet or outlet runs – behind pipe bends, slide valves or a reduction in the pipe. Even burial installation or use in flooded areas is possible.

Next to battery-powered operation with integrated batteries or optional external battery pack (“PowerBlock”), the WATERFLUX 3070 offers multiple power supply options. For locations with mains power supply, an optional FlexPower unit is available to connect the battery-powered meter to a 110…230V AC or 10…30V DC power source on site, e.g. an electrical grid, a solar panel or a small windmill. For permanent transmission of multiparameter measurement readings (e.g. flow, pressure, temperature), Modbus RTU communication is available as a simple interface. For remote or difficult to access measurement points (e.g. abstraction wells), the water meter can also be equipped with a GPRS or 3G module for remote transmission of readings. A full on-site verification of the WATERFLUX 3070 without process interruption can be carried out using the OPTICHECK service tool.

Bi-directional flow measurement over a wide dynamic range

Unique rectangular sensor design for good low flow performance

Available with patented reference electrode: no grounding rings needed

High accuracy at peak flows during the day and at low flows during the night

Rilsan® coated sensor tube

Meets potable water standards: ACS, DVGW, NSF, TZW, WRAS etc.

Suitable for immersion in flooded chambers

Battery-powered for remote locations or mains powered with battery backup

FlexPower option for power connection to electrical grid, solar panel or windmill

Unique low power Modbus option for battery-powered version

With CT approval for heat meter applications (MID MI-004)

Compact or field mounted version

On-site verification of flowmeter with OPTICHECK service tool




Field Of Use

Water industry

Remote monitoring of water supplies and distribution networks

Water consumption and fiscal metering (custody transfer)

Irrigation and abstraction

Water treatment

Replacement of mechanical turbine meters

Leak detection

Checking of pumps and water wells

Custody transfer flow measurement in district heating networks




Polyamide polymer 11 (Rilsan®)




Process Connection


Flange Connecions

EN (1092-1): DN25…600

ASME (B 16.5): 1…24″

JIS (B 2220): 25…600A


Pressure rating

(EN 1092-1)





Pressure rating

(JIS B 2220)




Pressure rating

(ASME B 16.5)




Thread connections


Male: G1, G1½, G2