High Temperature Sensor Solutions

High-temperature thermocouple type K, N, R, S and B (Platinum-Platinum Rhodium) for temperatures up to 1800°C or higher with primary and secondary ceramic protection tubes. Depending on the process conditions we supply protection tubes from Kanthal, Silicium-Carbide, Tantalum, Titanium, Hastelloy-alloys, Haynes, Monel, Sapphire, Ceramic tubes KER710/C799, KER630/C630, KER530/C530, etc. for temperature sensing applications like blast or carburizing furnaces, kilns, ovens, galvanizing baths and flue gas and other environments where their robust construction ensures long temperature sensor life.

  • Made suitable for 1800°C ( and higher )
  • Thermowell / Protection tube can be made with protection tube material as required ( Ceramic,Kanthal, Silicium carbon, sapphire, Gastight, metal
  • Custom made as per client requirements