Metering Flow Control Valve CMF25

The CMF25 is a 1/4” nominal bore metering valve with a reverse free-flow check function. It provides metered flow in one direction, and free flow in the opposite direction, ideal for uni-directional speed control of a cylinder or actuator. The valve can be adjusted manually after installation, and the setting can be locked. Note that this is a flow control valve and is not intended to provide tight shut-off when closed.

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Metering valve with reverse free-flow check feature

l Micrometer style adjustment with engraved graduations

l non-rotating valve stem with lockable adjustment

l Ideal for uni-directional speed control

l Stainless steel construction suitable for liquid or gas

l Can be panel mounted

l Suitable for use with air, nitrogen, sweet natural gas,

mineral oils, water glycols and many other media

l NACE MR01-75 compliant version available

l Various porting options available. Manifold mounted version available on request

l Various seal options available on request




Max Working Pressure

Liquid – 8,000 PSI

Liquid/Gas – 4,000 PSI



Fluid: Liquid and Gas



Port Size – 1/4’’



0.70 KG (1.5 lb)


Externally Exposed Parts:

316, 302 and 17-4 PH stainless steel.


Internally Wetted Parts:

316, 302 and 17-4 PH stainless steel, and acetal.