Multipoint Temperature Sensors

Thermo Electra design, engineer, and manufacture Multipoint temperature sensors for industry and laboratory. These sensors are used to measure at several points over the length of the probe for temperature profiling or hot spot detection. The sensors can be used in reactor vessels, catalyst beds, crude oil refinement, test skids, and storage tanks for liquids and semi-solids such as grains and molasses/sugar syrup. The Multipoint temperature sensors assemblies / Multipoint RTD sensors up to 12 measuring points possible within a 3 mm sheath or 60 measuring points within an 8 mm outside diameter. An industrial reactor multi-spot thermometer can have up to 32 measuring points with the replacement of individual sensors on site. An aluminum or stainless steel junction box can be added to accommodate a terminal strip or temperature transmitters.

  • Each sensor mineral insulated
  • Bendable sensors to be installed as a grid within a reactor
  • Custom made as per Client requirements
  • All our sensors can be made suitable for Zone 0, Zone 1 or Zone 2 by means of our Atex / IECEx   standard Ex-n, Ex-e, Ex-i, Ex-Id