The ADCA PRV25 is a series of direct acting pressure reducing
valves designed for use on steam, compressed air, water and
other gases and liquids. These regulators are suitable for reducing
steam pressure at the point of use on laundry machines, dyeing, food
industries, sterilizers, etc.

Compact design.
Bellows specially designed for high durability.
Non-rising adjustment knob.
Lockable knob system.
Built-in strainer





Rising adjustment knob with lock nut. Top cap (adjustment screw with cover). Spring and dome load version. Gauge connection on body.




Saturated steam, compressed air, water and other gases and liquids compatible with the construction.




PRV25/2S and PRV25/2SG – carbon steel. PRW25/2S – carbon steel, balanced soft sealing. PRV25i and PRV25iG – stainless steel. PRW25i – stainless steel, balanced soft sealing. Suffix G: soft sealed with PTFE/GR.




1/2″ to 1″; DN 15 to DN 25.




Female threaded ISO 7 Rp or NPT. Flanged EN 1092-1 PN 25. Flanged ASME B16.5 Class 150 or 300.




Horizontal installation is recommended. A “Y” strainer should be installed upstream of the valve.


Valve model


PRV25/2S PRV25i




PRW25/2S PRW25i



Body design conditions




PN 25




PN 25




PN 25



Maximum upstream pressure



17 bar



17 bar



14 bar



Maximum downstream pressure


  8.6 bar   8.6 bar   8.6 bar

Maximum downstream pressure


  0.14 bar   0.14 bar   0.35 bar

Maximum design temperature


210 ºC



200 ºC



80 ºC



Maximum recommended reducing ratio


   10:01    10:01    10:01

Maximum dome loading pressure


  8.6 bar   8.6 bar   8.6 bar