SPD-100 Tachometer

The Dynalco SPD-100 is a solid-state, intrinsically safe tachometer. The gate time range (0.26 to 5.70 seconds) is field- programmable. It is well- sealed for rugged indoor and outdoor applications. It has 4-digit, unlighted, LCD display. CSA and ABS Type approved.

Tachometer: Signal-Powered, 4-Digit. Intrinsically Safe, Unlighted Display

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  • Signal and power derived totally from magnetic pickup or pulser.
  • Intrinsically safe. Can be used in hazardous environments with approved Dynalco pickups.
  • No power supply connections. High immunity to electrical noise.
  • Can be field-calibrated.
  • High accuracy: 1 rpm resolution.
  • High shock and vibration resistance.
  • Standard SAE case size fits panels with 3-3/8 inch (86 mm) openings.
  • Gasketed and spray-proof.
  • Ideal for OEM use.
  • Can be paralleled with governors and/or speed switches.
  • Can share existing pickups or pulsers; draws only microamperes.
  • Ground-free terminals have no polarity, easy installation.


External Power Requirements: All models are signal powered. Lighted versions: 12 or 24 Vdc, depending on model.

Display: Four active digits (0 to 9999), non-blinking LCD display; character height of 0.5 inches (14 mm). Display contrast increases with increasing ambient light.

Input Valve Voltage: From pickups, pulsers, shaft encoders, etc.

  • Minimum signal amplitude: 2.5 Vrms.
  • Maximum permissible signal: 15 Vrms.

The SPD-100 automatically limits pickup signals at approximately 10 volts peak-topeak. Input impedance is 100 Ω in series with a 6-volt Zener diode.

Input Signal Frequency: Maximum input signal frequency of 20,000 Hz. Lowest frequency range limited by gate time and corresponding numerical display.

Isolated Circuit: All circuitry is totally floating, i.e., totally isolated and insulated from the case and from ground.

Operating Temperature Range:

  • –5o F to +175oF (–20o C to +80oC).
  • Storage: –40oF to +195oF (–40oC to +90o C).