SST-2000 Series

Speed Transmitter Receives signal input from a passive or active magnetic pickup, shaft encoder, contact closure, flowmeter, etc. to provide proportional analog outputs

  • SST-2000A Speed Transmitter
  • SST-2000H Speed Transmitter
  • SST-2400A Speed Transmitter
  • SST-2400H Speed Transmitter
  • Proportional outputs of either 4–20 mA (standard), 0–5 Vdc, or 0–10 Vdc are field selectable. Standard 0-1 mAdc meter output included.
  • Models available with up to four alarm setpoints.
  • Field-selectable frequency range.
  • Field-adjustable sensitivity control.
  • Field-programmable for many types of sensors, including contact closure input.
  • Repeater output drives counters and self-powered digital tachometers such as Dynalco’s SPD-100 and SPD-700.
  • Regulated 14 Vdc output powers active pickups (e.g. M910), accessories, and digital meters such as DPM-105 or MTH-103D, and the 12 Vdc versions of the internally lighted SPD-100L and LST-100L.
  • Alarms are field-configurable for DPDT (SST-2400 A or -H only), overspeed, under speed, energize, de-energize, latch, auto-reset.
  • Integral VERIFY, requires external meter. Permits viewing and setting of setpoint value without actuating the relays.
  • Input Frequency: Full-scale values from 0–0.1Hz (6 pulses per minute) to 0–50,000 Hz.
  • Function: Converts frequency input (speed, rate) into linear proportional dc output. Provides alarm setpoints for over- and under speed control and for sequential, startup, and shutdown switching.
  • Signal Sources: Includes magnetic pickups, ac generators, contact closures, photocells.
  • Output Range Capability: Current source up to 50 mAdc output always included.
  • Alarm Setpoints: Available with two or four relays. Also available with no relays
  • Approvals: CSA and CE approved.