Ultrasonic Flow meter OPTISONIC 6300 F

The OPTISONIC 6300 F is an ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter for permanent mount installation. It is particularly suitable for flow measurement of (non-)conductive liquids at any location where inline measurement is not possible or desirable. The flowmeter consists of a stainless steel sensor rail with two integrated transducers or for large pipe sizes of a sensor rail set with two rails and integrated transducers in each rail. Any version comes with a wall-mounted or field mounted ultrasonic signal converter. Its robust clamp-on rail is highly flexible and can be very easily attached to virtually any pipe up to DN4000 / 160″.

Robust industrial design to provide maximum reliability

Easy and accurate sensor mounting using a stainless steel rail system

Minimal maintenance using efficient re-greasing concept or solid coupling pads

Optimal accuracy due to factory flow calibration

X-mode dual path sensor for extra reliability

Measurement range: 0.1…20 m/s (200:1)

Integrated thermal energy calculation

Extended temperature (XT) version available for all sensor rail sizes to measure liquids up to +200ºC / +392ºF

IP68 / Nema 6P option

Namur NE107 diagnostics

With wall-mounted or field-mounted converter





Utilities like demineralized and deionized water in all industries

Sanitary flow rate measurement

Cooling water circuits

Process control


Water industry

Potable water


Power industry

Water intake

Heated water

Purified water


Oil and gas industry

Oil transportation

On-loading and off-loading

Tank storage applications

Natural gas dehydration / glycol circuit

Leak detection

Water draining from storage tanks


Chemical and petrochemical industries

Chemical or petrochemical feedstock

Refined liquid hydrocarbons

Retrofit or replacement of inline meters

Chemical addition

Corrosive, toxic and abrasive chemicals

Process Connection



Other connections


Stainless-steel mounting straps for pipes DN15…1500 / ½…60″