Ultrasonic Flow meter OPTISONIC 6300 P

The OPTISONIC 6300 P is a portable, battery-powered ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter for temporary flow measurement of (non-)conductive liquids in virtually all industries. It can be used at virtually any location without interrupting the process or cutting pipes. Due to its flexibility, the flowmeter is equally suited for comparative measurements on stationary measuring equipment (e.g. pumps, flowmeters etc.) or for use as a short-term replacement of faulty devices. The clamp-on flowmeter comes with a measurement option for thermal energy applications as standard.

Flexible clamp-on flow measurement with battery-powered signal converter and datalogger

Bi-directional measurement where inline measurement is not possible or desirable

Easy installation without process interruption: zero impact on/risk to the process and no cutting of pipes necessary

Real-time measurement or data-logging

2-channel converter for dual path or dual pipe measurements

User-friendly operation using a mobile smart device plus

Data transfer via secure wireless Bluetooth® or USB cable connection

User-friendly, graphical installation wizard for immediate start-up

Many options for collecting, monitoring, analyzing and storing measurement data

Free download for Android

Easy and flexible sensor mounting using mounting rails

Click and turn mechanism on fixing units for quick and easy installation or removal

Energy measurement with PT100 and I/O box

Useful accessories available from one source, e.g. factory configured tablet, cable extensions, magnetic fixation units, thickness gauge, etc.

Delivered in hardcase (flight case) or portable soft case with organizer trays





Temporary flow data collection

Flow related problem solving

Checking of inline flowmeters

Troubleshooting and temporary replacement of meters

On-site verification of process flows

Leak detection


Water and wastewater industry


Flow control in water supply networks

Leakage control

Pump verification

Checking of water wells

Periodic hydrant flow testing


Conventional and nuclear power industry


Cooling water

Boiler feed water


Chemical and other process industries


Process start-ups and inspections

Purified water, chemicals etc.

Cooling systems


HVAC industry


Commissioning of HVAC systems

Boiler testing

Checking and servicing of heating and aircon systems

Pump control

Process Connection



Other connections


Fixing units with straps or magnets

for pipes DN15…4000 / ½…160″