J4C Electrical Actuators
  • J4C Series works with Brushless motor.
  • Multi voltage electrical Actuators
  • Voltage:
    • 240 VDC /VAC 50 /60 HZ-0/+5% (S Series)
    • : 120 VDC /VAC 50 /60 HZ-0/+5% (B Series)
  • Available Torque range: 20Nm-300Nm


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  • Working angle: 0º- 270º
  • Temperature range: -20ºc to +70ºc
  • Protection IEC 60529 rating: IP 67
  • Manual Override
  • Torque range- 20Nm > 300Nm
  • ISO 5211 Plate
  • 75% Duty
  • Electric Torque Limiter
  • DOME indicator
  • Auto. temp. Control
  • 2 additional volt-free end of travel confirmation switches.
  • Automatic anti-condensation heater.
  • Multi-coloured status light.
  • Communication system both MODBUS protocol or via BLUETOOTH


1. BSR (Battery Failsafe)

The drive moves in the event of a power failure to a predetermined

safe position (Open or Closed)

Variations: NC, NO

2. DPS (Digital Positioning System)

The actuator can be freely positioned (within the present range) via an input

signal and outputs its position via an output signal.

Available Input Ranges: 0-10V, 1-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA

3. 3 Position

The actuator can additionally move to a third middle position.

Standard: 0°-90°-180°

4. Fixed Line Wiring

The actuator is supplied with a fixed voltage on one of the control lines and drives to a given

position based on whether voltage is supplied to the second control line or not.

Variations: NC, NO 

5. Potentiometer

A potentiometer in the actuator indicates the actual position as an ohmic value.

Variations: 1kΩ, 5kΩ, 10kΩ

6. B-Series (12V Variant)

The actuator is operated with a supply voltage of 12V AC / DC.